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Benefits of ACT and Ultralign technology

How do Ultralign and ACT help advance your chiropractic practice?

For Established Chiropractors

• Standardization of care
• Improved productivity
• Smoother operations management
• Incresased market share

For Senior Chiropractors

• Increased practice longevity
• Improved clinical consistency with less physical demand
• Standardization of Associates
• Build practice value before

For New Chiropractors

• Improved profit margins
• ACT business model and methods to improve efficiency
• Improved clinical outcomes
• Mentorship and guidance

For Struggling Practices

• ACT advanced business and clinical methods training
• Improved work/family balance
• Marketing assistance

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Benefits of Ultralign Technology

Adding Ultralign technology to your practice increases safety, efficiency, and ease of treatment, all while improving clinical results and delivering an amazing ROI! And, if the physical demands of repeatedly performing manual adjustments are difficult for you, Ultralign is the perfect solution.

This gentle, modern approach also helps you tap into the vast pool of potential patients who are wary of chiropractic treatments. Ultralign quickly and comfortably diagnoses and treats while the patient remains clothed and upright, and it’s completely painless. It also greatly appeals to Millennials, who are eager for technologically advanced care.

Benefits of Partnering with ACT

Yes, we train you to use Ultralign technology and provide continuing support. But ACT is about much more than a great new piece of equipment. It’s about standardizing and improving patient care while simultaneously improving your quality of life as a practitioner by increasing productivity and profits.

We help you fully integrate Ultralign into your processes and marketing. The ACT business model has proven itself in the real world as an effective means to boost efficiency while improving—never sacrificing—quality of care. And you’ll learn to reach large numbers of new patients who have previously shied away from chiropractic treatments.

Whether your practice is established or just getting started, whether you’re doing well or struggling to give enough patients enough time for quality care, we’ll help you achieve new levels of success with Ultralign technology, smarter operational management, and compelling marketing.

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Get a Free Practice Evaluation by our doctors

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